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Our Story

Hey friends!

We are Leah and Montella, The Women of The Homestead. Thank you so much for visiting our page and hearing a little of our story!


The story of The Homestead begins several years ago when I (Leah, the original Woman of The Homestead)  was looking for a way to use my God-given talents to contribute to my family's income so I could continue to stay home with my babies.  So, with little more than a Cricut machine, some scrap wood and donated pallets my husband and I took a leap of faith.  It was there in those precious moments that the vision of The Homestead was born. 

It wasn't always easy or smooth sailing though.  Plenty of struggles and challenging circumstances presented.  It was during one of those times I experienced a very humbling encounter with God.  While recovering from heart failure brought on by my last pregnancy, He gently brought me to a place of realization.  I could not do ALL the things related to running a business on my own. The plans and blessings God had in store for The Homestead could not be fulfilled if I continued to work this business alone.

And, that my dear friends, is when He blessed my life with Montella. Montella is fire, she is a steadfast woman of faith, she has an incredible mind for detail and burns brightly in all that she puts her hands to work on. I will never forget the moment the Lord whispered in my ear, “sweet girl, Montella is the Whimsie to your Rustic”.  She has forever changed my life, and I am so honored to be partnered with her and building this business together.


So, here we are! Two mama's who are determined to be obedient to God and what He has for us. We continue to pour lots of hard work into growing our business and blessing our families without sacrificing the position they hold in our lives.  Family comes first, after all, they were the original reason behind the dream.  It has been an extraordinary experience to grow this business and see our vision come to life while maintaining our priorities and hopefully teaching our kiddos a little something about life and love along the way.  Thank you Jesus for this opportunity!


We hope that you enjoy browsing our Homestead and looking at our handcrafted goods that we have built right here on our farm in the beautiful state of Oregon!  

We are so deeply thankful and honored to have you.

God Bless!



Leah & Montella Aka Montella & Leah Aka The Rustics & The Whimsies